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Founded in 2006, Taiyuan Xinli Chemicals CO., LTD Shanghai Branch is a sole subsidiary of Taiyuan Xinli Chemicals CO., LTD. At present, we are mainly engaged in the production, trade, and related service of Chromium nitrate, Chromium·trichloride , Chromic acetate , Chromium sulfate, Manganese nitrate,50% solution , Ferric nitrate, Cobalt(Ⅱ)nitrate, Aluminum nitrate, Cupric nitrate,trihydrate , Zinc nitrate, Nickel nitrate, Magnesium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Potassium nitrate , Sodium nitrate, Sodium nitrate, Furfuracohol Catalyst, plating chemicals, metal surface treatment chemicals, washing chemicals and ceramic materials (for more details, please see our catalogue), etc. We sincerely welcome your business and cooperation.

Quality is number one priority to us. Equipped with leading technologies, leading apparatus and precise inspection instrument, we now have the good ability to offer you quality products. The popularity of product is on the basis of good price. Through saving the cost by reducing the consumption of energy and material and improving the labor efficiency, we are working hard to establish a market-oriented price system.

Relying on the popular brand of Taiyuan Xinli Chemicals CO., LTD, taking powerful capital strength as supporter of our business and Shanxi Beinuoer Technical R&D Co., Ltd as technical core, we and Xinli Chemicals CO., LTD Guangzhou Branch as the pioneers of general company, is working hard in the most developing regions of China. With our hard work, our general company will enjoy a brilliant future!

Taiyuan Xinli Chemicals CO., LTD Shanghai Branch sincerely welcomes your visit and business. You may find Yunli is the best business partner of you. Let's work together for making contributions to the development of chemical industry.